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We provide support for internal reorganizations, the development of HR policies, as well as private clients navigating their career changes and transitions.

Have you already assessed the impact of your HR management on your business?
Do you know the actual financial cost from the previous year of:
  • Your turnover (time dedicated to recruitment, agency fees, training, salaries, resignations, dismissals, mutual agreements, team rotations, client impact...)?
  • A lack of clarity in job scopes definition?
  • A poor internal organization understanding?
  • An inadequately investment in trainings?
  • An ineffective workforce and skills planning?

Our HR audit services support you in optimizing your processes and internal organization, as well as in enhancing your HR reporting tools, enabling you to develop your overall strategy.

We provide end-to-end guidance in designing and implementing the most effective HR policies tailored to your business activity and needs.

Do you need an outplacement partner for your employees?

Our recruitment experts also act as partners for your team members, guiding them through their professional transitions. Through individual or group support, we assist them in assessing their skills, initiating their job search, and pursuing specific trainings if necessary.

Got a project?

Seeking a comprehensive individual career assessment?

We assist private clients and employees in their professional development through competency assessments, helping you leverage your skills and experience.

Curious to explore your professional-self further?

Transitioning from a high-performance sports career?

Recognizing the transition challenges after years of professional sports, we collaborate with experts and former elite athletes to facilitate a smoother entry into the job market post-sports career.

Aiming to plan your transition?

Want to know more?

We work in France and Luxembourg.
Reach us out by email or on our phone number.
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